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What is SkillJobs Job Portal?
SkillJobs is an exclusive Job Portal developed and managed by Department of Training, Government of Kerala, India for facilitating employment opportunities for Skilled Professionals and skilled workers. Under the Department of Training, over 20,000 skilled technicians are passing out from various Government and Private ITIs from across state. They are talented and acquires high skillsets during their courses. All the ITIs and ITCs are equipped with facilities and teaching aids to make the certificate holders confident in the industry related to their trades.

This Job Portal 'SkillJobs' will enable them to register and update their resumes and to be visible for the prospective employers all over the world. The Job seekers can register free of charges in the portal and update their resume as soon as they gain experience and new skill sets. They will get job alerts and emails when a prospective employer shows interest or when the resumes matches their requirements.

The employers from all over the world can also request to register in the portal and to opt for a plan that is suitable for them to access the database. The registered employers can opt from the plans with a nominal fees fixed by the Department of Training. Employers can then search and access the database and download the Resumes.

  1. Why should an Employer regsiter with SkillJobs?

    Skill Jobs has the largest data base of skilled Professionals from various ITIs of Kerala. Above 20,000 students will be passing out per year under various trades. Experienced ITI Professionals also have registered at SkillJobs. Employers can post jobs through the site and relevant applications will be received . The powerful search option offered by the portal helps the Employers to search and pinpoint the most relevant resumes . Also the Department of Industrial Training give assistance to the Employers in recruitment processes.

  2. How can I (an Employer) register with Skill Jobs Job Portal?

    To register with Skill Jobs Job Portal, click on the 'Employer' link in the Home page. In the 'Login' page opened, click on the 'Register' button in the 'Regsiter Now' section. Alternatively, the 'Register Now' link can be taken from the Employers section at the bottom of the page. On clicking the link, 'Employer Registration' page will open. Fill up the Organisation Details , Plan and Contact Details. After filling the fields,click on the 'Submit' button. The Employer account will get activated only after the Administrator gives approval. There will be multiple plans to access the database of this portal, Administrator will be sending the details after your credentials are verified. After approval, an email will be sent to the Employer email id with the login credentials.

  3. How can I (an Employer) log in?

    To login with Skill Jobs Portal, click on the 'Employer' link in the Home page. Alternatively, click on the 'Login' link under the Job Seekers section at the bottom of the page. In the 'Login' page opened, enter the Username and Password details and click on the 'Submit' button. In his Account page, the Employer will be able to manage the Users, Jobs and Resumes according to the set permissions of Employer Plan.

  4. What are the Employer Plans?

    There are different plans available for the Employers to choose from while registering. The period of activation, number of jobs and users that can be created and the number of resumes that can be downloaded are decided according to the selected Employer Plan.

  5. How to edit details to the Employer Profile?

    In the Account page of the Employer, there is a button 'Update My Profile' at the top. On clicking that button, the 'My Profile' window will open where the personal details (except the 'User name') can be edited. To edit the Employer Organisation details and Contact details, click on the 'Update Details' button. The 'Update Employer' window will open where the Organization and Contact details can be edited and updated.

  6. What to do if I forget my Login Password?

    In the Login page, there is a 'Forgot Password' link. On clicking the link,there will be a field to submit the Email id used for logging into the system. An email will be sent to the given email id with the new Password.You can then login using the new password. Once logged in, the account password can be changed using the 'Change Password' link given towards the right of the My Account page.

  7. How to change the Account password ?

    In the My Account page ,there will be a 'Change Password' link towards the top right of the page. Enter the old password , new password and confirm the new password. On clicking the Save button,the password will be changed.

  8. How can I (an Employer) manage users?

    The Employer can create and manage users using the User Management menu. To create a new user, click on the 'Add new user' link in the User Management tab. In the 'Create User' window opened, enter details and click Save button. The status of the user can be changed using the Enable/Disbale user icon and the user can be deleted using the Delete icon.

  9. How can an Employer post jobs to the site?

    The Employer can post jobs using the Jobs menu in his Account. Click on the 'Add new' button in the 'Jobs Inbox' tab. In the 'Job Management' window opened, enter the Job details and the preferences. Click on the Save button.

  10. How can an Employer search and download Resumes?

    The resumes can be managed using the Resumes menu in the Employer login. The Resumes can be viewed in the 'View Resumes' menu and the Resumes can be searched using the 'Resume Search' option. After filling the fields, click on the Search button. Resumes satisfying the selected criteria will display. To download Resume, select the Resume(s) and click on the Download button.

  11. Does the Department of Industrial Training assist employers for recruitment?

    Yes, Department will facilitate the Employers to conduct Interviews, practicals tests, Job fairs etc. Placement assistance also can be provided.

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